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Research grade Electrolyzer. Includes the following components:


  • 2 Titanium End Plates

  • 2 PTFE Embedded Plates

  • 2 Titanium Current Collectors 

  • 2 Graphite Flow Plates

  • All Needed Hardware and Tubing 


L = 4.25in

W =5.15in

H = 2.74in

Co2 Diffustion Electrolyzer Assembled - 4.25 in²

  • Introducing the EcoPro Clean Chemical Electrolyzer - a revolutionary advancement in sustainable technology that harnesses the power of water and carbon dioxide to produce clean, green hydrocarbon-based chemicals. This state-of-the-art electrolyzer represents a remarkable leap forward in the pursuit of eco-friendly material solutions, making it the perfect choice for environmentally-conscious businesses.

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